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Thoughts on Therapy.

What is Concierge Therapy?

Today I wanted to discuss the importance of providing in-home treatment options and explore the benefits of conducting therapy services in your home, office or place you feel most safe. Home based therapy services are convenient, confidential, and accessible ways to engage in psychotherapy on your terms. In-home counseling services are the perfect option for anyone looking for added support and needing the flexibility of scheduling.

As my counseling program is tailored to the needs of each individual, nothing is cookie cutter. I will meet you where and when you need. By removing the stress and hassle of leaving your home, driving to and from appointments and focusing on the actual therapy process treatment is beneficial in many ways.

By meeting in-home for therapy we are able to meet in what should be the safest environment in your life. Whether healing from trauma, depression, anxiety or any other struggle, the home environment should be the place you feel the most safe and secure. When we feel safe and secure in our environment we are able to progress and heal in the most effective way possible.

What I have learned from the individuals, couples and families I have treated over that last decade is that we are all less guarded when we are in our home environment.   More specifically our communication and interaction styles are very different when we are in our own home versus an office environment we are not acclimated to. By being less guarded in treatment, more work can be accomplished in a shorter time frame. I have noticed that couples and families tend to be more open and less cautious with communications and mannerisms when in the sanctity of their own home. Much more in-depth work can be done to help each individual, couple and family when in the confines of the home.

Confidentiality and security is one of the most important needs when engaging in therapy services. By engaging in the concierge therapy service you will receive the highest level of care and caution in terms of confidentiality.  There is absolutely no wait when therapy is on your terms. With concierge services the only person you are speaking to is me. There is no office manager, billing representative or anyone else. The focus is solely on therapist and client.

I believe that in order to be our best, we need the strongest most helpful advocates in our life. I strive to provide the white glove treatment for all of my patients. By limiting the number of patients I take on I am able to provide the highest level of care, convenience and flexibility in scheduling. There is no need to travel anywhere for therapy when you can receive top-notch services from the comfort of your couch. Whether you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, state of life transitions or even performance anxiety, in-home treatment is an excellent way to move your life forward as you  prioritize your own self care.

Alison Murphey